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Biking on level ground surrounded ny nature? Yes you can.

Transforming the old train tracks and tunnels into this unique bike trail that unites Bonassola with Levanto and Framura. What a pleasure to bike or walk along the coast surrounded by nature and the absence of traffic taking in all the beauty in peace and quiet!

This trail is 5,5 km long.
Walking time about an hour, by bike 20min.

Here are some places not to miss when visiting Bonassola.

For those who come to Bonassola for the first time a must see is the Madonnina della Punta, this small chapel built in the 600s’ overlooking the sea on the promontory that closes the gulf. It is considered the symbol of Bonassola, and you can get there by walking it is about a 15min.walk. This walk is adapt for all: old,young, families wth the kids following behind.

Halfway through the walk that brings you to this jewel there is the trail called “Salto della Lepre” which if you decide to do this walk you will be amazed by the breathtaking panarama. It is different then the walk to the “Madonnina” this walk is at some points steep but the fatique is worth it, you will be repayed with one of the most beautiful views you will ever see. On clear days you will be able to see the Alps, Corsica, and Capraia.

Along the street that brings you to the hotel and the train station there is an old Castle, it was built for defensive purposes during the 16th century, it represents the seafearing spirit of the town. The Northern part with its’ two towers  and the draw bridge are original, except for the stairway entrance.

Today it is the host to many events.

A few steps away from the beach is the Church of Saint Catherine built during the first half of the 500s it was completly tansformed during the Baroque period. Inside it is possible to admire pestigious furnishings, and important works of art by famous painters of the 600s.

Not only a splendid beach but also clean and big!

Bonassolas’ beach can be considered one of the most beautiful in the area.
Looking at the sea on the right hand side there is the “Spiaggetta” (small beach), a small angle of paradise, the sun shines there during the morning hours ideal for small children.
Tha main part of the beach is divied into three parts at the two extremes are the free beaches, the rock formations emerging from the sea are the “Curnea” on the right and “Leone” on the left ,in this area is Maralbi public beach club it has a bar, sun umbrellas, sun beds and chairs.
For info call Debora 328-807-5335
In the center there are two private beach clubs: “Bagni San Giorgio” the one with the blue sun umbrellas(, and “Bagni Sabbia d’Oro” with the green sun umbrellas(
Valley “Giuan” makes a great impact of rare beauty it is below the trail that brings you to the “Punta del Carlino” where you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama, or sun bathe on the rocks. Don’t forget all the coves reachable by bike or walking using the bike/walking path, bei it in the direction of Framura (not be missed the “Scà” with it’s typical red rocks and the beach of “Porto Pidocchio”) or going in the direction of Levanto (not to miss “La Grotta della Streghe” reachable swimming from the rocks below the Francesca and the small beach of the “Valle Santa”).
Have a good swim!

Our territory is ideal for outdoor sports

Our area is ideal for outdoor sports.

The trails that surround Bonassola that connect it with it’s neighboring towns are adapt for beginners and also for experts. There are also some mountain bike trails (Pian Pontasco, Rossola).

Have a look at the Wikilock web site.

For those who want to stay fit without fatigue and difficulty there is the bike trail “Mare Monti” you can do it riding a bike, walking, and why not maybe even running. And the trail is flat!

In the good seasons our best resource is the sea. Our sea has a unique trait in the mediterranean, to know more have a look at this video on Wave Watching!

During the sumer it’s possible to rent canoes and paddleboards which allows you to discover our beautiful coast discovering hidden coves like “Grotta della Streghe” (The Witches Cove) “Grotta Azzura” (The Blue Cove),and also panoramic spots (Scà, Marmi, Porto Pidocchio). In many of these areas snorkling is permitted on your own or using a diving center like Punta Mesco which is located in Levanto.

Levanto is the captiol of surf! You can reach it in a few minuets using the bike trail, it is very famous for those that practice this sport. During the coastal storms of  “Libeccio and Maestrale” you can surf waves as high as 3mt. and then when you are exhusted you can fill up on good focaccia in one of the many focaccia shops just a few meters away from the beach.

For info cantact Rip Curl Surf Shop Levanto
Tel: +39 338 5754111