Our Beaches

Not only a splendid beach but also clean and big!

Bonassolas’ beach can be considered one of the most beautiful in the area.
Looking at the sea on the right hand side there is the “Spiaggetta” (small beach), a small angle of paradise, the sun shines there during the morning hours ideal for small children.
Tha main part of the beach is divied into three parts at the two extremes are the free beaches, the rock formations emerging from the sea are the “Curnea” on the right and “Leone” on the left ,in this area is Maralbi public beach club it has a bar, sun umbrellas, sun beds and chairs.
For info call Debora 328-807-5335
In the center there are two private beach clubs: “Bagni San Giorgio” the one with the blue sun umbrellas(www.bagnisangiorgio.it), and “Bagni Sabbia d’Oro” with the green sun umbrellas(www.bagnisabbiadoro.eu)
Valley “Giuan” makes a great impact of rare beauty it is below the trail that brings you to the “Punta del Carlino” where you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama, or sun bathe on the rocks. Don’t forget all the coves reachable by bike or walking using the bike/walking path, bei it in the direction of Framura (not be missed the “Scà” with it’s typical red rocks and the beach of “Porto Pidocchio”) or going in the direction of Levanto (not to miss “La Grotta della Streghe” reachable swimming from the rocks below the Francesca and the small beach of the “Valle Santa”).
Have a good swim!